Dragon Wings

Session 9 - Aandal

The island is nearly ours. After consolidating our gains from capturing the two last forts we took some time to rearm and train. We are now all larger and more powerful than ever. Maelforge has trained his liege well. His song is inspiring. Yet surprisingly Flick has never quit grown like the rest of us. And I will never understand his vow of poverty. Who doesn’t want gold and hoard? Regardless his knowledge of the healing arts never seems to be diminished. A true friend and ally.

When ready we move towards the Harpy capital. No one is playing games and no one is surprised. They send out small patrols which are brushed aside like gnats until we reach the city center. The Harpy Queen is guarding it herself with her daughter the princess and a slew of elites, males, and others.

We buff up on the flight in. I quickly declare the Queen as my personal trial. She must die. But first, she tries to kill all of us. I see her starting to cast a spell and the next thing I know there are four huge fireballs heading my way. I am able to dodge all of them, a bit. And I am sure my new ring of fire resistance helps a great deal. It hurts but I am standing. I cannot say the same for Maelforge’s cohort or Flick. They both fall, dead. Strange thing too, while spinning out of the path of one fireball I see Maelforge just sit there and get pounded by a couple of them. I could have sworn I saw fear in his face, but that Taminin is made of fire. He couldn’t have cared less about the fireballs. Maybe he just wasn’t quite ready for the battle to start.

Calthesus had some new tricks up his sleeve. First he raised Flick and then Flick raised the cohort. The girls breathed on the simple Harpies and wiped them out, damaging the others in the process. The elites decided to pick on me but my defenses have grown too strong. They could not hit and were wiped out with some help from Calthesus a few moments later. But all of them were back to their exploding tricks. Ouch. Bruiser caught up to the princess and kept her from running. A few second later the Queen tried to come to her rescue only to be caught as well in his grasp. Amazing skills. The queen is sharp though and it really hurt to hit her. But we persisted and without their teleportation tricks they were greatly weakened. Soon they had all fallen and we were supreme leaders.



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