Dragon Wings

Session 8 - Maelforge

The Harpies are losing, and they know it. They didn’t give us a proper welcome when we got here, and they are paying for it now. Only 2 forts left and then the capital. I’m getting hungry…

We made a decision and chose a destination, then off to the fort we went. Highly guarded by Harpies and humans manning Balista. They didn’t really bother me, but these suggestions are getting harder and harder to resist. We came up against a few more Male harpies, some run of the mill female harpies, these new harpies that like to go invisible, and another magical harpy that resembled the one that took out Versivious. The spells were hard to get through, but we were able to eventually get through them and I was able to land the killing blow. Another unholy symbol for my trophy collection.

After a short rest we carried on. This fort was rather heavily guarded and there was another type of harpy this time. Something I had not seen before. She seemed to be able to teleport and swap places with these other harpies at will. She was also able to summon other harpies that exploded when killed. She is fascinating, but rather skinny. I doubt it would make a filling meal. Still, she is in our way, so we eventually whittle her down enough to chase her off. She vanished rather suddenly, so I can assume she uses magic and trickery to get what she wants. We will need to prepare for this and more if there is a mother among these children. If she is anything like the legends of our Many-Headed Mother, she will be a force to be reckoned with. I can only hope the trophy will be mine.



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