Starting level: 6

Race: dragon

Alignment: Any neutral (not super concerned about alignment)

Classes: all core, base, and hybrid except gunslinger, or dragon paragon. Must take draconian hero template if not a paragon.

Stats: 40 point buy

Skills: additional two skills per level for all. 1 craft , profession or perform (for non bards) free as a class skill. One skill may have the base stat changed to whatever the player would like.

Backstory: a well written backstory of at least 2-3 paragraphs will garner a reward.

Relgion: There are no gods in this world. A cleric or oracle must come up with a concept based on dragons that they follow and can select any domain combination.

Traits: 2 traits

Hit Points: 1st level as normal, all subsequent 3/4 max, alternating rounding down on even levels, and up on odd.

Hoard: a dragon needs a hoard. After the first session, the players will be required to keep hoards. Items being used don’t count for value of the hoard. The value of the hoard is equal to the wealth by character level chart ( +/- 33% of that value is no bonus or pentalty. 33-67% gives either a single daily (in game) advantage roll or disadvantage roll during combat (unused disadvantage rolls will put you in the higher category automatically for the next week). 67-100% gives either a persistent +1 to all d20 rolls or a persistent -1 to all d20 rolls.

Equipment slots: use the standard for a humanoid character.

Ignore the -2 to using weapons

All of you know each other, and your sires (or guardian) have decided that you are trained enough to go on your own.

Flying and Aerial Combat

Dragon Wings

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