Dragon Wings

Session 9 - Aandal

The island is nearly ours. After consolidating our gains from capturing the two last forts we took some time to rearm and train. We are now all larger and more powerful than ever. Maelforge has trained his liege well. His song is inspiring. Yet surprisingly Flick has never quit grown like the rest of us. And I will never understand his vow of poverty. Who doesn’t want gold and hoard? Regardless his knowledge of the healing arts never seems to be diminished. A true friend and ally.

When ready we move towards the Harpy capital. No one is playing games and no one is surprised. They send out small patrols which are brushed aside like gnats until we reach the city center. The Harpy Queen is guarding it herself with her daughter the princess and a slew of elites, males, and others.

We buff up on the flight in. I quickly declare the Queen as my personal trial. She must die. But first, she tries to kill all of us. I see her starting to cast a spell and the next thing I know there are four huge fireballs heading my way. I am able to dodge all of them, a bit. And I am sure my new ring of fire resistance helps a great deal. It hurts but I am standing. I cannot say the same for Maelforge’s cohort or Flick. They both fall, dead. Strange thing too, while spinning out of the path of one fireball I see Maelforge just sit there and get pounded by a couple of them. I could have sworn I saw fear in his face, but that Taminin is made of fire. He couldn’t have cared less about the fireballs. Maybe he just wasn’t quite ready for the battle to start.

Calthesus had some new tricks up his sleeve. First he raised Flick and then Flick raised the cohort. The girls breathed on the simple Harpies and wiped them out, damaging the others in the process. The elites decided to pick on me but my defenses have grown too strong. They could not hit and were wiped out with some help from Calthesus a few moments later. But all of them were back to their exploding tricks. Ouch. Bruiser caught up to the princess and kept her from running. A few second later the Queen tried to come to her rescue only to be caught as well in his grasp. Amazing skills. The queen is sharp though and it really hurt to hit her. But we persisted and without their teleportation tricks they were greatly weakened. Soon they had all fallen and we were supreme leaders.

Session 8 - Maelforge

The Harpies are losing, and they know it. They didn’t give us a proper welcome when we got here, and they are paying for it now. Only 2 forts left and then the capital. I’m getting hungry…

We made a decision and chose a destination, then off to the fort we went. Highly guarded by Harpies and humans manning Balista. They didn’t really bother me, but these suggestions are getting harder and harder to resist. We came up against a few more Male harpies, some run of the mill female harpies, these new harpies that like to go invisible, and another magical harpy that resembled the one that took out Versivious. The spells were hard to get through, but we were able to eventually get through them and I was able to land the killing blow. Another unholy symbol for my trophy collection.

After a short rest we carried on. This fort was rather heavily guarded and there was another type of harpy this time. Something I had not seen before. She seemed to be able to teleport and swap places with these other harpies at will. She was also able to summon other harpies that exploded when killed. She is fascinating, but rather skinny. I doubt it would make a filling meal. Still, she is in our way, so we eventually whittle her down enough to chase her off. She vanished rather suddenly, so I can assume she uses magic and trickery to get what she wants. We will need to prepare for this and more if there is a mother among these children. If she is anything like the legends of our Many-Headed Mother, she will be a force to be reckoned with. I can only hope the trophy will be mine.

Session 8 - Bruiser

Our conquest of this island continent is almost complete. We’ve been informed that there are only 2 forts left before we reach the capital of this island, which I’m sure will be the VERY heavily guarded. We proceeded tot he first fort and found it also highly protected with 5 ballistae, some more of those stealthy, invisible harpies some male harpies, some run of the mill harpies and some magicky harpy that was protected by some sort of ring of blades. I wasn’t messing with that. I’ll take out the ballistae and some of the smaller ones so prevent the harassing while other start in on the males and such. I did almost get knocked on my ass at one point but I think Aandal did something because while I felt the hit, I didn’t feel the pain and he definitely looked the worse for wear. We eventually dwindled their numbers and then overwhelmed them with sheer power. Trish and Lulu thought the ballistae were nests or something though. They kept sitting on ballistae. Maybe it was also because the humans kept fixing the ones we were breaking. Either way, we eventually took everyone out and I finally got to do a sleeper hold on someone!

We rested briefly then headed off for the other fort. This one was the most heavily guarded yet. No ballistae but there was some odd looking harpy. small like the rest but different. She seemed to be in charge telling people what to do. We did come to find out she is the princess of the harpies. We dive in, dragon style and they throw the usual meaty harpies at us but these ones had a kick…they explode din our mouths! and not in a good way either. This hurt. I actually thought about not even hitting them. Eventually I did just swipe at them with a claw and was able to avoid their explosiveness. I did notice that the princess went invisible a few times as well as having some sort of ability to switch places with other harpies. Not sure how she is doing that but we’ll need to be cognizant of it next time. Because in the end we defeated them but the princess escaped. To warn the capital I’m sure so we’ll need to be on top of our A game for this assault. I think the dragon gods favor us because after this last battle, I feel energized….twice the dragon I was before.(and twice the size)….We will end this harpy blight once and for all tomorrow and reign supreme on this island continent and be worshipped as saviors….

Session 8 - Aandal

Our intelligence gathering forces continue to serve us well. We have identified two major forts that are essentially guarding the harpy capital. If we take them out our way will be clear. So onwards we go. There is no more time for diplomacy and stealth. We are dragons.

The first fort is guarded by a wall with mounted ballista, a larger than usual caster, two elites, two males, and several others. We are well out numbered but quickly buff up and charge in. The cleric is protected by flames and blades. On my way in from the back ranks I try to dispel some of his magic. I think it worked but not really sure. Calthesus shows that he is much better at that game a moment later. The battle is tough going at first with all of us spread around in small sub-battles unable to concentrate our force. Flick keeps very busy. I see that Bruiser is about to take a devastating blow and absorb it for him. That was worse than I thought. It almost put me down instead. But slowly the tides turn and we whittle them down to a manageable group.

The second fort is protected by some type of dragon like creature and a similar setup of others except no ballista. And there is a new type of harpy, a princess. She proves extremely elusive to the others but I have my sights on the dragon. The battlefield is again chaos. Bites and claws and gores and wings and tails and breathes are flying everywhere. The harpies recoil but don’t go down without a fight. Calthesus takes a series of blows mostly from a new harpy trick of blowing up when they die. I absorb some of his damage to keep him upright. Twice. Flick stays busy. Trish says the dragon will be her future mate but she does not grasp his underlying evil beneath his enchantment. We kill it anyway.

Earlier we gained a few smaller dragons who expressed fealty to us. They are helping to guard out capital. And now we gained a huge hoard that must have belonged to their princess. It will serve us well as our growing population is getting very adept at manufacturing powerful magic items, which I think we will need to conquer their capital. The age of the harpies is facing a growing twilight. I believe our next assault will draw night upon it once and for all.

Session 7 - Maelforge

Ah the Elves… They have indeed grown into a fine rebellion as of late. After resting up a bit from our last battle we ran into a few harpies that were full of holes and arrows. The Elves have been busy creating a resistance and scared a patrol away… Of course, they wound up flying right into us, which was a bad idea on their part. We slew them rather easily as they have already been… oh that human phrase escapes me again, what was it… Shish-ca-bobbed? Sounds Dwarven if you ask me, but rather tasty on an open flame.

Once we spoke with the Elves it was clear that our legend is spreading across these lands. More and more natives flock to our new found territory and our land grows in strength every day. These Elves were rather helpful actually. They had a plan; to sneak into the city, rescue as many different Elves and Humans as possible, then sound the alarm for us to come in and tear the place apart. It worked rather well. During the battle Flick and the Familiar of Calthesus died, so we had to resurrect them before doing much else.

Once the city was ours, and the resurrections were complete, we spoke with the Elves and the Humans. We explained that neither side was bad in the sense they were led to believe by the harpies. They listened and were grateful. Another addition to our territory and our hoard.

Unfortunately, some bad news came from our lairs. It seems that another dragon has come and laid claim to our Hoard… This is not something we will tolerate. We rushed back to see a gigantic green dragon standing outside of our lairs. Someone dares to take what is mine without challenging me first. That is not the way of the hunter. It seems everyone was feeling the same way I was and we decided its better to just kill him rather than try to reason with him. I agreed with a smile. In the end, the battle was rather difficult as he was fully grown and we are not there yet. Bruiser says we should put his head on a pike as a warning, and I agree.

Session 7 - Bruiser

After some rest we headed off towards the next objective to widen our reach in these lands. We ran into some harpies on the way there but they weren’t much of a problem. Apparently some elves decided to fight back against the harpies and had injured them before we showed up. They had already heard about our coming to free the lands(which is good and bad) and were on their way to the fort to take on the harpies there. Apparently the pointy ears had some inside guys in the fort ready to spring a trap as soon as they had a signal call and murder as many as they could. Sounded like a suicide mission for them but worked well in our favor. We waited for the sounding of the attack and let them do their thing then swooped in to take on what was left. A couple elites, some archers and some magic user. I darted in to grab the cleric and got burned when I got close. that was not fun, not to mention that he also cast some sort of thick cloud on me that seemed to sap my health. But since I couldn’t get him I focused my attention on what I could handle: the archers, since the sneaky ones went into hiding and I couldn’t find them. I did some crushing and crunching of bones and took out some archers while the rest of the team took care of the other harpies and elite. We secured the fort eventually and spoke with the elves to explain to them about training, trading, and how humans weren’t bad(once again) and that it was a lie by the harpies to keep everyone from uniting against them. We also had to resurrect Flick. He had a bad go of things and died during the battle along with Calthesus’ familiar.

Then….DISASTER! We received word that a gigantic green dragon had come to the land and decided to seize our hoard as his own, which of course we could not abide so we flew straightaway there as fast as our wings would take us. He was so big. As big as 3 or 4 of us combined. But NOBODY tries to take my treasure. Nobody! Battle ensued. The other guys took a pretty good beating, especially Aandal and Calthesus. I tried keeping his attention to take some hits off but I guess they look more threatening than I do. But I did get the last word in and gutted the beast with a swipe of my claw in the end. I’m thinking head on a pike to warn other dragons not to mess with us…..

Session 7 - Aandal

Our control of the island is accelerating. Word of our victories is spreading rapidly. We advanced towards the next objective and ran into a few harpies that were some ways off. We quickly took chase and slaughtered them. They fell easily. We learned that they had already been injured by some elven archers we found hiding well below in the forest. Talking to them, they were preparing an attack on the nearby fort. We learned the composition and number of harpies that were there – much higher numbers than we have faced before. The elves had a plan to wipe out most of them using some spies inside the fort. We took them up on their offer and waited for their signal to attack. We were left with the leadership including a really powerful male spell caster, a couple of elites, and a few ranger-types. We couldn’t get close to the sorcerer without getting burned by his spells. Bruiser turned his attention to face some of the archers. I charged in. Elites played their invisibility games against the breath weapon team. A sonic attack heavily damaged myself and Calthesus. Worse, it killed Flick and Calthesus’ familiar. Nonetheless we eventually prevailed once Calthesus took down the fire protection and other defensive spells on the sorcerer. We were able to bring Flick and the familiar back to life, a better fate than what befell Versivious. Another fort in our name. The harpy controlled lands are quickly receding.

Later we learned of a new threat from one of our own brethren no less. A giant Green dragon flew across the ocean and claimed out hoard. Without muttering a word, we all agreed that wasn’t going to go down without a fight. We flew directly back and confronted him. He really was huge. A truly splendid dragon specimen, but an evil brutish one that had to be put down. He was more than a match for any one of us, but not for all of us. Calthesus took a ton of damage from a disintegration spell but he did not waver and charged in with Bruiser and I. The dragon attacked with bites and claws and wings and tail. I saw Calthesus take another couple blows. It looked bad and even with wings and tails coming at me, I absorbed his damage just in case. I think it helped. I hope so too because it hurt. But that seemed to take most of the fight out of the beast. That an all of our relentless attacks of course. Another few moments of battle and he was down. Our hoard.

Session 6 - Bruiser

Now that we owned the west coast, we needed to push further east. We found out there were a few of places we could go. a village, a fort, or a fort/city. We decided on the fort/city because it frees more people for tribute while also getting rid of a fort. We headed out only to find ourselves being the subjects of an ambush by invisible elite, some usual harpies and a chimera. I was able to get a grab on the elite and keep him busy then moved on to a harpy. It didn’t take much to keep them under control luckily but it took a bit to get the chimera and even the male harpy down for the count. Maelforge got the killing blow on the chimera…but what would he choose for his trophy since there was at least 3 heads to choose from?

Anyway, we headed out to our destination but were met in the air by 4 floating ballistae, 2 elites and a male. We charged in..well, most of us not including Trish…I was able to go in undetected although Aandal took a few ballista to the chest which seemed to slow him down some. I thought the best course of action would be to take out those ballista so I headed straight in and popped out on one of them while scaring the crap out of another. one of them I damaged pretty good making it not work enough to be fired. those elites kept disappearing though but as soon as I saw one of them was visible, I headed straight for him to grab him before he disappeared again so someone else could pound him into submission. Apparently one of them was behind me and got a good swipe in because it hurt as I soared over to the visible elite one. I grabbed him and Aandal beat the holy crap out of him. We eventually disabled the ballistae and took out the final elite. We healed up and headed out to the other side of town before they had time to know what happened. We ran into another harpy patrol though and this one had a cleric-y type with them I think. It was wearing full plate armor. I figured I would crush it in it’s tin can so I got over there as quick as I could and grabbed him and everyone else pounded him until he became a nice meal in a can. We got some decent gear out of it and another freed area. Our attempt at controlling this land is coming along nicely at this point. and with freeing all of these puny other races, they are seeing us as gods, which works out well for demanding loot while they think they are getting a deal from us being merciful. It’s still alot of stuff for us we didn’t have to begin with and ensures they do what we say….

Session 6 - Maelforge

After dawn and meal time, the next morning consisted of yet another meeting to determine our next course of action. We chose to head in the direction that posed the greatest challenge, so a City/State with a fort on both ends seems like a just choice. I enjoy this idea, as it is a larger challenge. We were just about to embark on our journey when the harpy that got away showed its rather ugly face again. This time, it brought more backup and… a Chimera. I was astonished to say the least.

The Elite, as we are calling them for the moment, seems to be able to suggest things for us to do and forcing us to follow their instructions. This is causing me issues, as their suggestions are reaching me even through this headpiece poor Versivious left behind. Eventually I got a clear shot at the Chimera. From the lore I studied under my master, the Chimera had many different immunities and resistances, but lacked a certain defense against Acid. After many of us surrounded it, I was able to use this knowledge and end its life. Mopping up the rest of the harpies was not too difficult, and this elite did not get away again. On a side note, this Chimera meat is amazing. Nice and juicy, and its hide is completely immune to fire. I wonder if the humans might be able to make a cape of sorts to defend against these darn fireballs we keep getting hit with. Regardless, we are off to the city to expand our territory once again.

We got to the city and found ourselves faced with 4 Ballista’s… As a hunter, I wanted to double back and come in through the dead of night to take them by surprise, but before I could bring this up to the others, they decided it was best to take them out as soon as possible. So we dove in, but as we hesitated in clear view, they were ready for us. Calthesus was able to cast true seeing on me. Good thing too, as there were a few Elites that have this insatiable appetite for remaining unseen until they strike. I shouted out their movements as best I could under the circumstances. We prevailed, and were not the least bit tired after the battle. Therefore we continued to the other fort on the opposite side of the city and caught the enemies before they made it to their Siege Engines. One of these Harpies was wearing full armor, and my attacks seemed to bounce off of him rather easily. Bruiser was able to grab him and we all took turns beating on him until we took him down. The others posed little threat to us after that. Victory and another feathered meal. I miss the Chimera meat already…

Session 6 - Aandal

Where to go next? The fort? The village? Or Utah, the fort/village in the center of the island? We choose Utah and head out in flight formation. Soon we are engaged in battle. An elite harpy. A few friends. And a Chimera. All were invisible and undetected until they attacked. I pounded and pounded on Chimera. The elite caused lots of problems telling dragons to go away. The Chimera kept breathing fire and then he grabbed Lulu and would not let go. But eventually we prevailed.

We continued on to the fort where we saw two elites, a male, and 4 giant ballista manned by some humans. Bruiser stayed unseen but the rest of us charged in. The ballista had great range and took their tool. I dove straight for the male in the middle (I could not see the elites as they constantly go invisible). That apparently got their attention and I was hit with several ballista. They just seemed to sap my strength and skill. Bruiser was eventually able to grab one of the elites and I helped pound him. We disabled all of ballista without killing the humans. And then we finished off the second elite with some of the more perceptive guys figuring out where he was hiding.

We considered resting but decided to push on to the other side of the town where we were warned of some catapults. Before we made it there we came across a small harpy patrol. One was wearing full plate mail so I focused on getting to him. Again, Bruiser grabbed him and we all pounded away. He died and the others followed suit. Another victory. More gear especially a nice headband for the new guy who seems to be working out quite fine.


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